About ergo³

Empowering Informed Decisions

Key Suppliers

We are truly independent, offering choice from many, if not all, of the UK’s energy suppliers.

We are passionate about our simplicity and transparency in an industry full of complexity. Our approach puts the power back into the hands of the consumer. We will deliver a price comparison model for your renewal contract, based around a precise assessment of your business needs. It will be a genuine and realistic forecast of what your next contract will deliver. 

What's next?

Our knowledge. Your control.

Why Ergo³?

Ergo³ was formed to become the leading boutique energy consultancy and a partner of choice to the clients we serve.

The energy sector is our business. We simplify the complex, provide understandable explanations, save you time and deliver confidence in an industry that may have a less-than-attractive image.

We are totally committed to transparency, keeping you informed at all stages of what and why!

We put the control back in the hands of our clients’ and we have created bespoke software to enable our clients to see exactly what they are spending, where and what on.

Ergo³ are committed to being easy to deal with and responsive to your requirements.

Our Ethos

We focus on the best outcome for you, at all times, so we set out with clear objectives to:

Remove the burden of searching the marketplace for price and contract options.
Source the most competitively priced energy at the right time.
Present the choices available in the simplest way possible.
Keep you informed of supplier activity, legislations and industry news