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Why Plan Ahead?

There are many factors that can affect energy prices which include the price of oil, current or future geo-political activities, other nation’s energy consumption, maintenance of nuclear or solid fuel reactors and trans-connecting pipelines, and, of course, the climate.
You can take advantage of lower energy prices and renew up to 12 months before your Renewal date.

Energy Audit & Health Check

Engage with Ergo to gain an understanding of your current services – who you use, how much it costs, what you use and when you’re due to renew your agreements. As part of our Health Check Service, we pull all of this data together for you, collating all your usage, plotting trends, highlighting efficiencies, and delivering a plan that can support your future procurement strategy.

Multi Site Consolidation

For those businesses that have multiple locations, Ergo³ will review your various contracts, suppliers and renewal dates to deliver a solution that will reduce the hassle of dealing with multi-vendors and offer more control of future budgets.

Fixed Price Contract

This traditional approach involves us utilising our multiple supplier relationships to secure your business a competitive, fixed price deal for up to 5 years. This provides more accurate budget forecasting, safe in the knowledge that if energy costs rise, your price won’t change

Flexible Price Contract

This contract allows you to take advantage of the ever-changing energy market when fixed price contracts may be deemed too restrictive. For the higher energy consumers, we help you take advantage of the energy market and make sure you capitalise on market fluctuation. Ergo³ will help you to maximise contract flexibility whilst minimising cost.

Capped Price Contract

Want to take advantage of market fluctuation whilst protecting your business from price increases? A Capped Priced contract would be your solution. Capping your wholesale gas and electricity against a ‘maximum price’ you are willing to pay offers protection against market increases . Likewise, if the market falls, you’ll be able to take advantage of the lower wholesale price. Our team strategically supports your energy trading so your business can capitalise on savings.

Blend and Extend Prices Contract

If you’re currently in a fixed contract but the market price falls, you may wish to explore how to take advantage of the lower prices. Blend and Extend contracts offer a fully fixed agreement but with the advantage, should the market drop sufficiently, to extend your agreement on lower rates meaning you benefit from any significant drop in the wholesale market.

Water Services

From April 2017, businesses in England will be able to choose their water supplier based on price, client service record or services offered.

If you’re unhappy with your local supplier, the prices they offer or the service they provide, you’ll be able to take your business elsewhere.

Site Works Project Management

If you are building new, moving or acquiring additional premises, Ergo³ will ensure that the whole process is managed without penalty from your supplier to support your project management. This includes wayleaves, pipe installation, meter requirements and any inter-connects to ensure delivery-on-time.